Thiel Cancels Practices Through October 1 Because of Illness

By Jessica Scarmack

The recent illnesses around campus caused all athletic practices and events on campus to be cancelled through Sunday, Oct. 1.

The weight room was also closed due to the high levels of physical contact and perspiration associated with those activities.

Football coach Daniel Blume said on Friday, that from what he’s heard, at least fifteen of his players have gotten sick. When asked about the football game against Washington and Jefferson College, which has been postponed until Monday, October 2, he said that his team will be prepared but it will be because football needs more precision compared to other sports.

Blume said, “We’ll just shake off the rust and go for it.”

A couple of football players, quarterback Ronald Brown and corner Tyrone Brown, agree that this pause in practice will affect future games because they feel that many of the members on the team could use this time to really improve.

According to Allyssa Kidwell, a freshman softball player, this may affect future games for all sports because sicknesses never go away, they always tend to come back.

Marching band member Kaila Carolus said that not practicing is affecting her because the band doesn’t know any of the work they have been given because of not having time to learn the new routines.

Michael McKinney, vice-president of student life, sent a recent e-mail suggesting that students wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer; drink plenty of liquids like water and juices; and to avoid caffeinated drinks, drinks with a lot of sugar, and alcohol. He also advises all students to avoid close contact to with others if you are experiencing symptoms.

He also said, “if you, or a friend, are in of need medical attention please call the Thiel College Health Center at (724)589-2195 or Public Safety at (724)589-2222.”

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