NEW CLUB – 200

by Molly Shepler

Greenville, Pa, September 2019—Thiel College established a Rotaract Club on campus this semester designed to encourage student participation in community service projects. Partnered with local Rotaries, members may work with non-profit organizations and businesses to do good works in the Greenville area and internationally.

Rotary is a service organization that works to provide humanitarian aid globally. Over 35,000 Rotary clubs exist worldwide and approximately 1.2 million Rotarians are on record. Rotary International has worked to end polio, provide clean water to needy communities, and is involved with disaster response. Rotaract is an extension of the international Rotary organization and is designed for people ages 18 to 30. This semester, Thiel’s Rotaract Club plans to work with local food bank Good Shepherd and St. Paul’s nursing home. The club is currently researching international service project opportunities.

Any interested student or faculty member may contact the club’s faculty advisor, Bob Schmoll (, or the club’s student president, Alexa Banic ( Involvement in local Rotaract events provides a great opportunity for students to become aware of the benefits associated with Rotary International. Students and staff are encouraged to learn more and to consider membership in Thiel College’s Rotaract Club.

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