Don’t Fret Being Single on Valentine’s Day!

By: Devin Button

What about love? Its that time of year again where all the men scramble to get their special someone a present or plan that last-minute date night. While also being the time of year every lady out the hopes their significant other hasn’t forgotten what day it is. But for many, this time of year is just another day. That right valentine’s day is upon us folks and no matter how hard some try each year you may find yourself without a date. Many like yours truly wait till February 15th for half off candy from this dreaded day, but there are many other things any man or woman (or whatever gender you identify as) may find yourself doing on February 14th. Here are just a few ideas to spark up some inspiration instead of loathing the fact that nobody wants you.

1. Have a spa day. Who says you need to get someone else to buy you the ultimate spa day for you to get some fun me time. Go ahead and schedule a massage or go to a local spa for some fun.

2. Have a night out with friends. There’s a good chance that you’re not the only single one in your friend group, so why not get together and have some fun with each other?

3. Have the ultimate movie marathon. The fun thing about this idea is that you can either do it at home by picking out some of your favorite movies and watching them from your couch. Or you can head over to your local theater and take in some of the latest flicks with the rest of the crowd.

4. Volunteer. There are other people around you that might also not be getting some love on V-Day. Check out your local animal shelter, nursing home, or hospital and spread some love around in your neighborhood.

5. Go to a concert. Concerts are always a ton of fun and they can sometimes be better without having to worry about other people around you. So have fun and let loose on the dance floor while jamming out to some of your favorite songs.

6. Support your favorite sports team. Even if sports aren’t 100 percent your thing, a game can be so much fun, especially while cheering on the home team.

All in all, if you find your lonely self not having any fun on valentine’s day these tips may help. If not there’s always half off chocolate to gorge out on the next day. Which means just save your money till then and enjoy it.


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