By Adam Button

Already halfway through the spring semester here at Thiel College. With midterms exams and papers over and graded. It is time for us to relax for a week of festivities. Or to sit in bed and wait to come back to the dreading college life. Whichever it is, spring break is around the corner. Get excited students and faculty!

What to do on a week away from college? Glad you asked, you have so many opportunities. The classic movie example is the party the life force out of your body. While this is definitely exciting and fun, do not recommend for you will have all this party action and it will fly by. You want to savor your time away from college. Hang out with old friends or take a mini trip with your newer friends. Get out in the world. Explore your domain while you still can.

Live life with the purpose of finding true happiness. Go explore and experience nature. Play the Fortnite update. Work your heart out to obtain money for later. Whatever you plan to do with your spring break, take consideration of time. Make sure you plan for happiness for this short week, so when you come back to the grind of the second half of the semester. You can remember you had fun when away and that your work in college now will fuel the happiness in your future.

Comment what you will do this Spring Break or what you have done in the past. And lookout for the Spring Issue of the Thielensian coming to Thiel counter space in early April!

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