2020 Vice Presidential Debate: Part 1

By Josie Barton

The first Vice Presidential debate of 2020 occurred on Wednesday, October 7th. Attendees included current Vice President, Mike Pence and Biden running mate, Kamala Harris. Part one of this article will cover the first four topics discussed in the debate: The Coronavirus, the role of the Vice President, the economy, and climate change.

The first subject of the debate tackled Coronavirus regulations. Kamala Harris began the debate claiming that the Trump-Pence Administration withheld information on the Coronavirus from the public. Harris explained that a national strategy is required to handle the pandemic. The plan would include contact tracing and testing and a vaccine that is free for all.

Mike Pence advanced that Trump suspended all travel from China once informed of the severity of the pandemic. Trump received information on the pandemic from Anthony Fauci on January 28th. Pence claimed that Trump immediately shared information on the virus to the American public. The Trump-Pence Administration informed the American people of regulatory practices to avoid the spread, but they believe in the citizens to act upon those regulations, themselves.

The role of the Vice President embodied the second topic of the debate. Harris spoke out about her personal experiences as only the second black woman elected to the senate. She claimed that Biden has been transparent and honest while Trump withheld his health and tax records from the public.

Pence debated that Trump is a job creator, paid millions in taxes, and released his financial disclosures to the public. Pence said that in his presidency, Trump turned the economy around by cutting taxes, fighting for free and fair trade, and cutting regulations on the release of American energy.

The third field of debate tackled the economy. Kamala Harris began discussion that Biden measures the health and strength of America on the health and strength of the American worker.

Vice President Pence responded that during his presidency, Trump managed to add back about half the jobs lost from the pandemic. His actions included cutting taxes, rolling back regulation, unleashing American energy, and fighting for free and fair trade. Trump secured money from congress to give direct payment to families and signed the payment protection program. Pence concluded that the Biden-Harris Administration wants to raise taxes, bury the economy under a $2 trillion Green New Deal, and abolish fossil fuels. He claimed that Biden wants to ban fracking which would lead to a loss of American jobs. Harris clarified that the Biden-Harris Administration will not end fracking.

The fourth topic of the debate covered climate change. Pence began the discussion acknowledging Trump’s signing of the outdoors act for public land and parks. Pence claimed that while Trump stands by a strong, free market economy, Biden stands by the Green New Deal That will crush American energy and jobs. Pence argued that during

Trump’s presidency, 500,000 manufacturing jobs were created.

Harris responded that Trump lost the trade war with China, resulting in America losing 300,000 manufacturing jobs. Harris concluded that the Biden-Harris Administration works toward clean, renewable energy.

Both candidates left voters with more confidence as they respectfully debated America’s most controversial issues, including the Coronavirus, the role of the Vice President, the economy, and climate change. Part two of this article will cover debate on China and foreign policy, the Supreme Court, the coming election, and party differences.

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