Student and Faculty Walking Taco Bar!

By: Nick Sylvis

Sept. 15th, 2022: The oos and awes from outside Weyers Lounge in the HMSC are brought upon by the delicious smelling walking taco bar hosted by Student Activities.  As you walked in, bags of Dorito chip walking taco kits lay endlessly along the table as some music plays softly in the background. For toppings they had everything you could imagine! There was ground meat, lettuce, cheese, salsa, and sour cream. With the tacos there was also a selection of drinks ranging from iced tea to fruit punch. All students and faculty were invited to come enjoy the amazing walking tacos and music during the common hour hosted by Student Activities.

One student Steve Alcegaire a DHI member and junior here at Thiel College said, “I’ve never had one of these before, to be honest I didn’t know tacos could walk”. Steve then joined everyone else in line to load up his first walking taco. “I put everything they had on it, got to go big or go home” Steve said.  Steve then took his first bite into what some would say is taco heaven. “With the music playing in the background friends, teammates, and some of your favorite faculty members gathered around just brings a feeling of home and community here” said Steve. Another student Melina Bufalini a junior softball player here at Thiel stopped by to grab a walking taco in between her classes. “I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity for free walking tacos, who does that? Usually, I just sit in the bistro and do homework before my next class. I’m excited I get to have walking taco to enjoy with my homework today and they smell amazing”. Melina went and put meat cheese and lettuce on her walking taco. She then mingled in with the crowed of students and staff enjoying their walking tacos as well. “It was really good to see everyone here and the walking taco was great ten out of ten would recommend,” said Miss Bufalini.

Devin Weisbarth a Thiel faculty member from the athletic department came over to visit the HMSC for some walking tacos as well. “It’s so nice to see everyone out and enjoying this awesome event, who doesn’t love tacos” Weisbarth said. Mr. Weisbarth enjoyed his walking tacos listening to the music provided by Student Activities. Weisbarth said, “I really love the whole walking taco thing, it truly brings back memories from pee-wee sports and getting them at the concession stands there”. “It truly brings our community here a Thiel together. It’s nice to see students and faculty enjoying simple things together in a relaxed environment after all the stress and hard work that we all put in everyday”.

With just a few Dorito chip walking taco kits laying on the table and almost all of the toppings of ground meat, lettuce, cheese, salsa, and sour cream were gone, and stomachs were full. As the walking taco bar came to a close and the music was shut off it was a success. From the amazing smells and bright smiles, it gave to Weyers Lounge here In the HMSC the Student Activities event was a great show of community here a Thiel College. All the students and staff that showed up got some delicious walking tacos and refreshments with the company of everyone and some great sounds of the music played by Student Activities.

Check out Samantha Dibucci’s video on the walking taco bar here.

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  1. This was really insightful!!! Loved hearing about all the different students coming together to socialize and enjoy a meal with their peers


  2. Wow. Just wow. I can actually taste the food reading this article. Walking tacos? I want a taco to walk right into my mouth and slide down my throat like it’s skiing in the Alps. I had to go get a walking taco myself after reading this article.
    Great work, and way to paint a picture.


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