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The Facebook Political Algorithm

By Josie Barton Facebook has become a large contributor to political polarization, the spread of fake news, and the outcome of elections. The algorithm of the app manipulates people by the content it regulates and spreads across users. Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, Professor Richins, explains that […]

Thiel in the 81st IBS Conference

By Adam Button Last week held the 81st annual IBS Conference and Award Ceremony. The Intercollegiate Broadcasting Systems is an organization that recognizes colleges’ efforts in the communication field, especially in radio but also in television and podcasting. Every year Thiel has been able to attend the event, […]

Mars 2020 Space Mission

By Josie Barton The 2020 Mars rover launched on July 30th, 2020, and landed Thursday, February 18th, 2021. The rover traveled about 300 million miles through space for 7 months. NASA scientists’ goal for the rover is to expand knowledge of Mars and possible fossils. The rover, named […]

The Poet at Super Bowl LV

By: Samantha Walker This year’s super bowl was a needed moment of normalcy within the Coronavirus pandemic. Outside of being a stress relief, this super bowl was historic in its choice in entertainment. When preparing for the biggest event of the season, the NFL reached out to poet […]