Hispanic Heritage Month

Image by Texas Woman’s UniversityBy: Anna Boyd September 15th marked the beginning of Hispanic Heritage month. This is a month-long celebration of American citizens whose ancestors came from Central or South America, Spain, Mexico, or the Caribbean. The celebration began on September 15th to align with the anniversary […]

Banned Books Week

By: Dylan Evans Censorship in books has existed as long as books themselves. Books and literature bring with them unique lines of thought, pushing the audience to reconsider certain perspectives, societal standards, and norms. That is what this year’s Banned Books Week wishes to display with the theme, […]

Why Spend Time Recycling?

By: Virginia Riddle Thiel students constantly pass recycling bins as they go to classes, clubs, and study sessions. Throwing recyclables into these containers is often encouraged, mainly due to the environmental perks. After all, the United States Environmental Protection Agency tells us that, “ Recycling just 10 plastic […]