The Importance of Halloween Safety

By: Dylan Evans

Berea OH, Sept. 24: On September 23 at 8 p.m., a boy attending a haunted house was accidentally stabbed in the foot by an actor.

Though accidental, the actor used a bowie knife as a prop and mistakenly stabbed the 11-year-old audience member. Since he was only wearing Croc-style shoes, the boy’s toe was severed.

Police confiscated the knife and interrogated the actor. Police claim the actor admitted that bringing the knife was a “bad idea.”

The young boy’s mother requested no criminal charges against the actor, and the young boy insisted on finishing the haunted house after his wounds were treated.

Though the incident could have been worse for the boy and the actor, the event drives home the need for safety awareness during the Halloween season.

Wearing safe shoes, bright clothing, and being attentive to children are all important in ensuring that the community of Greenville has a fun Halloween holiday without the loss of any appendages.

If accompanying a child on Halloween or during a spooky event, keep a close eye on them, and make sure they have a form of communication in case of emergency or separation.

Many people love autumn, so it’s the job of the community and adult members to guarantee fun and safety for all. The carrying of large weapons that could result in the loss of appendages is most likely a poor idea, and always consider checking a child’s candy for any potentially dangerous substances. Keeping safety in mind is crucial to keeping the community active and well.

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