Sorority Recruitment Begins at Thiel College

By: Hannah Stoughton

Sept. 12th, 2022: As Thiel College has moved into their fourth week of classes, sorority recruitment began on Sept. 11th, where the four sororities eagerly awaited their potential new members.

Dressed in stitched Greek letters and color coordinated outfits, the initiated members of the sororities on campus waited by the doors of various rooms to meet new girls. Sisters of Alpha Xi Delta, Chi Omega, Sigma Kappa, and Zeta Tau Alpha have been preparing for this week for months.

“The group of girls rushing has me very excited to see how Greek life will grow this semester,” said Lexie Dunn, a sister of Alpha Xi Delta.

Throughout the first few weeks, the different Greek organizations have been hosting events with the assistance of Than Oo, the activities director, to gather interest on campus from freshman and returning sophomores. An information session on sororities was hosted during the second week of courses, and a Greek picnic in the quad also helped to make Greek life a prominent figure on campus in time for recruitment for both sororities and fraternities.

There are many benefits to joining Greek life. One of the more influential benefits is the opportunity for leadership and resume building. Becoming the president, vice president, or any type of executive position in a sorority requires a woman to be responsible and have effective time management skills, which are qualities that graduate schools and careers look for when analyzing candidates.

Joining Greek life can also build deep connections and bonds that last beyond undergraduate schooling. Many of the sisters on campus still interact with alumnae of their chapter, often going out to restaurants or concerts with women that have graduated before them. Homecoming weekend at Thiel College is often rife with women being reunited with their alumnae family.

At Thiel, the Tomcat sorority sisters are very involved with campus matters and community service. In the Spring of 2022, the sisters of each organization participated in a Greenville community cleanup. Sisters cleaned up parks, did mulch work, and more to give back to the community that supports Thiel College. “Recruitment is a great way to get out and get involved,” said Annie Boyd of Sigma Kappa.

Going through recruitment can be nerve-wracking, but the sisters of each are open and accepting of every personality on this campus. “You can meet a lot of other girls and find a sisterhood that fits you and your personality,” Boyd said. Often, the sisters are just as nervous as the new girls, especially ones that are experiencing their first recruitment, but quickly learn that it is a fun beneficial experience. “As someone who did not go through recruitment when I joined, I have had so much fun getting to know the potential new members and talk about their experiences on campus so far,” said Dunn.

The sororities at Thiel are extremely excited to continue meeting the potential new members as the week goes on, and meet their new sisters on Sept. 16th at Greenville Hall.

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