About Us

The Thielensian is a student-run news organization at Thiel College. In order to keep up with the times, we have moved from paper to digital format. The Thielensian strives to keep up to the current news and stands by ready to provide to the student body.

We have recently changed the format of the website, hopefully for the better.

Last year there were only hard news articles written and published. This year we would like to do more features of things around campus and help give a voice to the students.

Our Staff:

Editor-in-Chief: Samantha Walker

Co-Editor: Josie Barton

Webmaster: Adam Button

Sports Writer: John Robbins

Lifestyle Writer: Casandra Stolz 

Faculty Advisor: Professor Peg Watts

Office Hours:

FALL 2020

Join Us at these times on Zoom as well! 
Zoom Meeting ID #:  767 704 7532
Meeting Password: Ui1Q1Z

Monday: Samantha (1pm-2pm)
Tuesday: Josie (11am-12pm), Casandra (1:30pm-2:30pm), John (2:30pm-3:30pm)
Wednesday: Samantha (12pm-2pm)
Thursday: Josie (11am-12pm)
Friday: Adam (1pm-3pm)

Contact Information:

E-mail: thielensian@thiel.edu       

Mail: The Thielensian 75 College Ave Greenville PA 16125