Thiel Students Attend Stuff-A-Plush Event

by Bobby Winner

Thiel’s traditional semi-annual event, the Stuff-A-Plush event, returned to campus on Jan. 20, in the Lutheran Heritage Room to much fanfare from students, so much so that the line stretched through the Bistro.

The event had students lining up an hour early, eagerly awaiting their chance to make their own stuffed friends. And it was hosted by the Thiel Activities Board, an organization ran by Director of Student Activities, Than Oo and several student assistants.

“We continually bring this event back to campus because it is extremely popular, and the students love it and eagerly await this event since the last one was finished,” said Oo.  “I think students appreciate this event both because it is great way to spend a few hours of your day with your friends in a great atmosphere and because we don’t charge them anything.”

Oo said, “It’s completely free and the students greatly appreciate that because there are other, more important, things that the students should be spending their money on.  All in all, it’s a great event and we’ll keep hosting it as long as the students still come out to it.”

One of his assistants, sophomore Diana Sileshi, said, “We help Than with these events any way that we can,” Sileshi continued, “Prior to this event starting, we set up the different stations of the event, like where you pick your animal and where you stuff it, as well as moving every chair out of the way.”

Sileshi said.  “I’ve been to Build-A-Bear Workshop before when not a lot of people have.  It’s normally pretty expensive and there aren’t that Build-A-Bears around, so many students don’t get the opportunity to visit one.  That being said, I think Thiel creates an excellent alternative to Build-A-Bear Workshop, allowing students to have an experience that they might not have had before.”

“This is one of my favorite events of the semester,” said senior Irene Hooks.  “I love stuffed animals, especially free stuffed animals, I’m super excited to make as many as possible.”

“I think this is a great event because I like seeing the students come together and participate in activities that bring them joy,” said senior Josh Kenst.  “This is a quality event because it really brings the whole campus together, everyone loves stuffed animals.”

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