Elementary Students Visit Thiel College For Spring Carnival

By Rahat Hossen

Greenville and Hempfield elementary school students on March 16 excitedly played games in the Thiel College Beeghly gymnasium.

But they weren’t playing basketball or volleyball. Instead, Thiel College’s Education Department for two hours was hosting its first Spring Carnival, with games such as alphabet squares, alphabet marks the spot and other few games and activities.

The young students were continuously spontaneous playing the educational games. The entire event buzzed with various activities, games, and fun which completely absorbed everyone, including teachers, in attendance.

Megan Yeatts, a teacher at Hempfield Elementary School, came with her students and said that Thiel College made a great opportunity with the event. “it is really amazing that our students are getting to experience an event at Thiel because it helps give them real world experiences,” she added.

Tyler James Bacon, a teacher’s aide also at Hempfield Elementary, said he liked the setup, a good opportunity for his students. Students learned from games and from interacting with each other, he said, thanking Thiel College.

Dr. Douglas R. Hazlett, chair and professor of Thiel College’s Education Department, said he was very happy that his department’s students arranged this carnival.

The Thiel student in charge of the event, Annika Schul, said “this kind of event can continue a strong relationship between Thiel and the surrounding community, and also our education department students get more experience in working with students”

Madison Fullmer and Jessica Kelley, both juniors and childhood education majors, said the carnival was a good opportunity to learn outside of classroom. Kelley said the event was doing “something for the future” because they will be working with kids. They both expect this kind of event will continue once a semester.

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