Thiel College Holds Spring Career Day

By Bobby Winner

On Thursday, March 22, Thiel College held its Spring Career Day in the Lutheran Heritage Room, featuring representatives from over 35 companies looking for young talent for the future of their respective companies.

The event also featured the recognition of Thiel’s “Intern of the Year” award recipients, over a dozen of Thiel’s best representing the school in the business world.  The event was open to all students looking for either post-graduation jobs or summer internships.  Associate Dean of Career Development, Martin Black was responsible for this event and his ability to encourage companies to continue their job searches on campus made this an important event in the lives of many students.

Many of the companies were interested in attending this event and hiring Thiel students because they recognize that Thiel students are getting an education that will benefit them later in life.  Several of them have also employed many Thiel students in the past, often praising the work ethic and knowledge of these employees.

“Some of the best employees we have ever had are Thiel graduates,” said one potential employer.  “We love looking here for potential employees because we know that they will be well prepared because of the knowledge they attain here.  Even more than that, many Thiel graduates are instilled with a drive and work ethic that cannot be rivaled, and we look forward to the next generation of Thiel students coming into the work force.  Even if we don’t hire these graduates, we know they will all accomplish big things.”

Another factor influencing these potential employers is the proximity to campus, the school is situated in a prime job market, according to employers.  “The Thiel campus is only 20 minutes away from our headquarters,” said one employer.  “The talent pool that comes from Thiel is outstanding, and having that resource, essentially, right in our backyard, is very beneficial to us, as well as other companies in the area.  Many Thiel students are very well prepared to enter the professional world and having students like that with an interest in what we do, that is huge for us, the proximity and shorter commutes are just an added bonus.”

Also, several of the companies represented at this event, have bosses or leaders that are graduates of Thiel.  “We thoroughly look forward to coming to Thiel to recruit for the next generation,” said one final potential employer.  “One of our higher-ups, plus higher-ups from other firms, are graduates of Thiel, and we see a lot of potential in this next crop of students, many of them can and will achieve their dreams because of what they’ve learned here.  We see a lot in common between some of these soon-to-be graduates and our executives, many of these students here will definitely attain big things and important positions, wherever they decide to work in the future.”

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