Thiel College Men’s Soccer Takes on Saint Vincent

By: Hannah Stoughton

Sept. 29 –Thiel College men’s soccer team beat St. Vincent College 2-0 in the Presidential Athletic Conference (PAC) opener for both teams. The first half of the game was scoreless, with 15 shots between each team on goal. The teams managed to fight each other off until the second half when Thiel freshman Zach Johns scored with an assist from Nate Udell. Eleven minutes later, junior Anthony Phillips scored, raising the score to 2-0 and getting his first goal of the season. Senior Devin Weisbarth made 5 saves, clinching the shutout.

This was a big win for the men’s team. Coming off a rough preseason ending with 3 ties and 6 loses. They needed a big win to jump start the season the right way. This was the first in season game the men’s soccer team has won in 3 years. This was coach Zack Walters first win with the team since becoming the head coach.

In this game several players were named leaders. Junior Anthony Philips was named for his goal and his other shots on goal. Freshman Zach Johns was also named for his goal and his other shots on goal. Freshman Nate Udell was recognized for his assist with Zach Jones goal. Freshman Chase Yopp was named for his shot.

These Tomcats have a lot of momentum and hope moving into the season. Junior Garret Smith offered some insight into their mindsets. “It was a big win for the team, particularly the upperclassmen. It was well overdue. I hadn’t had a collegiate game win under my belt, so winning the first PAC game this season was huge.”

Before the Saint Vincent game, all the games had been non-conference, it’s time for the Cats to move into the PAC season. “The rest of the season is PAC games, and to me it’s looking better than it ever has. I feel like we are capable of making big waves this year in the conference,” Smith said. The rest of the season should be interesting to watch, and make sure to stop out and see the Thiel College Tomcats take on the PAC this season.

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