Longietti: Nearly $25,000 in tax credits will fight blight, food insecurity in Mercer County

HERMITAGE, Nov. 9 – An award of $24,750 in state tax credits will leverage investments in projects to continue fighting blight and combat food insecurity, state Rep. Mark Longietti announced today.

Longietti, D-Mercer, said the funding includes $13,750 in tax credits to the Community Food Warehouse of Mercer County and $11,000 in tax credits to the Community Action Partnership of Mercer County.

“This latest infusion of tax credits is going to bolster programs that have been working to improve lives and fight blight in our district,” Longietti said. “Community Food Warehouse is Mercer County’s primary source of emergency food assistance, and investments generated by these tax credits will allow the food bank to purchase, store, and mass-distribute fresh, frozen, and shelf-stable foods to alleviate hunger throughout our area.

“The tax credits to Community Action Partnership will fund ongoing Sharon revitalization efforts by building on the Lots to Love Program. Management of cleared lots is critical to the program’s success to ensure that newly created vacant spaces do not invite crime or additional blight.”

The tax credits are part of a package funded through the Neighborhood Assistance Program. The program encourages investment in distressed communities by providing tax credits to businesses that donate capital. The program can be used for projects such as affordable housing, education, charitable food, crime prevention and other long-term community revitalization.

More about the tax credits is available here.

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