Thiel Players Perform Love and Information

Photo Credit: Thiel Players

By: Virginia Riddle

Nov. 12, 2021: At approximately 7:00 p.m. the Thiel players put on their opening night performance of Love and Information. The show’s plot was non-linear and was comprised of “contentless scenes”. Each scene was detached from the last, and there was no clear overarching story within the performance.

 Before the show, Assistant Director Jakob Shingler said, “Pretty much the main theme of this show exactly is unexpected, but all the cast and crew did a great job getting a sense of what the show is like, even though it has no linear plot to it,” he went on to say, “I’m pretty sure anyone who watches it, the audience, will get something out of it. Question is whether it will be good or bad, but that’s for them to interpret. For us it will be great regardless.”

Each scene rarely lasted more than a few minutes, if not more than a few seconds. Behind the scenes, the cast and crew were continuously doing quick costume changes and lighting cues. Before the start of this general performance atmosphere, a few members of the cast agreed to speak on the show they were about to perform.

Roy “Trey” William Wilt III commented, “It is such a unique show, and a fantastic opportunity for all of us to explore different parts of our acting abilities,” which was followed by Ian Miller saying, Ian Miller “I get to scream in Russian, so it is very fun.”

The show itself was about two hours long, including a ten-minute intermission. Following the show was a reception where refreshments were provided by the Thiel Players.

The show will continue to be held for the remaining Saturday and Sunday of this weekend, the Saturday show starting at 7:00 p.m., and the Sunday showing starting at 2:00 p.m. The Thiel Players will continue to perform Love and Information next weekend on Friday and Saturday evening, as well as Sunday afternoon, at the same times as the weekend prior.

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