Thiel Football Gearing Up for Spring Ball

By: Jason Walsh II

As April approaches, the Thiel College football team looks toward the end of their winter phase and is in preparation to begin spring practices. Thiel College officially begins spring practice on Sunday, April 3rd. However, the current spring season will bring a few changes to the recent spring seasons of the past.

First and foremost, possibly the biggest change is all the new faces within the coaching staff, which were recently hired at the end of February. As of late Thiel’s newly hired head coach Sam Bauman has begun his work and growing the program. Bauman has held onto some familiar faces, keeping recent interim head coach Andrew Geisler, student coaches Dan Myers and Ryan Stiles. Some of the new faces in the staff that Bauman has brought in are new offensive coordinator Dave Durish and quarterback Derrell Johnson-Koulianos. As the team wraps up their winter workouts the new mix of coaches has moved full steam ahead, continuing to improve, strengthen, and condition the team.

Another new addition to this upcoming spring season comes not within the Thiel College Football Program but from the NCAA’s new set of rules/regulations. The upcoming spring will allow teams to have 16 official spring practices, during these practices players are permitted to wear only helmets throughout all 16 practices. Although, included in the newly passed legislation teams are permitted to dress players in full gear maximum 2 days a week within the 16 practices. This new rule helps to protect players while allowing them to properly practice and prepare for the fall season.

Coming along with the upcoming spring brings a more relaxed practice procedure. For the first time in two years, the team will have hopefully normal practices, due to the past seasons being threatened by Covid. There is now the ability to gather normally indoors and outdoors. Players will no longer have to wear masks during workouts, nor will they have to get their temperature checked. Practices and workouts will seem to now be more efficient and have a normalized environment.

Head Coach Sam Bauman also gave input on the team and the upcoming spring season. Bauman was ecstatic with the new opportunities brought to spring practices from the NCAA rule changes, such as wearing helmets and multiple full gear practices. Coach believes this can positively impact the fall. These factors give the team a better chance to master fundamentals for the preparation for the fall season, bringing spring ball closer to real game situations. Another thing that caught the new head coach’s attention was the team’s excitement and willingness to compete and get better.

The 2022 Thiel Football team seems to be unsatisfied with the past status quo and is looking to make a huge impact this coming season. Roll Cats!

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