Back in Black and White: The Return of Thiel’s Black and White Ball

By: Dara Edwards

After two years of the COVID-19 pandemic putting a halt on most in-person college activities, the annual Black and White ball, held here at Thiel College, has made its return. Students look forward to this event every Spring semester, but when the pandemic started and everyone got sent home, many began to wonder what would happen to their special night of fun.

Seniors, excited for graduation, look forward to this night most of all as it is the last chance they get to experience a formal party much like prom. Black and White has always drawn the most attention to the college as it gets numerous amounts of publicity from students as well as the Greenville community.

This year’s Black and White Ball will be held on April 30th, making this the 11th Black and White that Thiel has had. The last Black and White was held in January of 2020 and has not made its appearance until now. Current sophomores were unable to experience Black and White during their freshman year along with the rest of their in-person activities but are ecstatic to finally be able to witness it in action.

As a sophomore, I had only heard stories of this night and it felt more and more like a dream or maybe it had been forgotten about, but thankfully that feeling was wrong. This begs the question of what other in-person activities Thiel may be bringing back. Last semester, students were finally able to experience the chaos of Naughty Bingo and this semester W.I.N.G will finally be able to hold their annual W.I.N.G. Conference after two years. Currently, there is discussion of what will happen with Greek Week, where every chapter at Thiel partakes in outrages challenges to win various prizes.

With very little time left in the semester, myself along with my peers are all anxiously awaiting the next in-person events hoping that they won’t get cancelled or postponed and so far that fear is dying down. To stay updated on all of Thiel’s events and activities, be sure to give them a follow on Instagram @thielcollege.

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