Category: Opinion

Daniel Sloss “Jigsaw”

By Josie Barton Daniel Sloss, a 30-year-old comedian, performed a popular show called “Jigsaw” in 2018. The performance was recently put on Netflix. Social media platforms, especially Tik Tok, are obsessed with his views on a sugar-coated idea of love. Sloss begins his routine covering the harsh realities […]

Say Yes to Opportunities

By Cassie Stolz As winter comes to an end and spring eagerly awaits bearing new opportunities with it. No matter what your learning style is, the best way to learn is through experience. According to experts in learning styles, the best way for someone to learn is through […]

S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting Habits

By Cassie Stolz In 2018, the University of Scranton surveyed over a thousand individuals on February 1st to determine how many New Year’s resolutions were maintained through the first month of the year. The small part of the American population revealed only 8 percent of individuals were authentic […]

Be More with Less

By Josie Barton In my opinion, the key to a better mental state is a clean physical state. With the stress of academic, athletic, social, and financial responsibility, many college students are subject to depression and anxiety which can affect one’s overall mental and physical happiness. To obtain […]