Dr. Butcher Presents on the Health Profession Institute

By Carrie Severt

On Thursday, Sep. 6, students met during the common hour to listen to Dr. Butcher’s presentation on The Health Profession Institute (HPI).

Dr. Butcher, the head of the Neuroscience department at Thiel College started the presentation by introducing this newer program to the audience. He discussed the importance of the program to the students that wanted to go into health professions.

This program is designed to help students with career development and works with other departments across Thiel College. “…there was a disconnect between advisor and applying for medical programs…” Butcher stated.

The program is designed to provide students with, supplemental advising, information on application process, assistance with internship and shadowing, exam preparation support, mock interviews and debriefing sessions, personal statements and resume preparation along with committee letters.

He discussed the idea of using this program to help students finding their passion and determining if a medical career is right them for in the long run. Dr. Butcher stressed the idea of the programming helping students find the right path.

“You can always change your mind,” Dr. Butcher stated, “…lets find your path…” He wanted to stress the importance of these classes and the seminars offered for the HPI students.

The presentation ended with a video of former Thiel students involved with the HPI program and how it helped them in the next stages of their career advancement.


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