Peer Mentors Take Over the Lanes

By Carrie Severt

On Thursday October 25th, the Peer Mentors took their first-year students to Liberty Lanes. This was a school sponsored event through the first-year experience at Thiel.
The students had the opportunity to play unlimited bowling with their friends, Peer Mentors, and faculty. This provided them the chance to relax and have a fun night with unlimited pizza and soda. What a college student dream come true. The bowling alley was filled with laughter and the crashing sounds of balls hitting the pins.
“It was so much fun to hang out with me students in a different setting,” Izzy Bungo, a Peer Mentor, said about the night.
This opportunity allowed for students to connect with the other Seminar courses as well as the faculty at this event.
“It was so much fun to be here with people I would normally not spend time with. It’s funny to see professors here playing a game and eating pizza with their students,” Logan Crozier, first-year student, said.
The night slowly ended with the laughter fading and many thanks to the owner of Liberty Lanes and the staff that kept the students busy all night.

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