Thiel Greeks Express Their Pride

By Samantha Walker

On Oct. 24, Thiel’s Greek life expressed their pride, baring their sorority or fraternity letters throughout campus.

There are multiple motivators when joining a sorority or fraternity. Emily Waxter a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha, Blake Peese a brother of Kappa Sigma, and Carrie Severt a sister of Chi Omega agree the communities helped them become more active and get them out of their shells.

Besides the personal growth, Allyson Stanley a sister of Alpha Xi Delta, explained that one of her motivating factors was the sorority’s dedication to philanthropy which is Autism Speaks.

The Greek letters sewn to their shirts held more meaning to these students than simply their Greek houses. Waxter explained that ZTA gave her a “sense of family and hope.” Peese said Kappa Sigma gave him “a sense of purpose.”

Both expressed a strong sense of community within all Greek life. Everyone has each other’s back, there’s always someone for them to lean on.

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