Thiel Students Celebrate Thanksgiving

By Samantha Walker

Nov. 21 is the beginning of Theil’s Thanksgiving break and students are spending it in multiple ways.

This upcoming break is meant for Thanksgiving, but many students have plans vastly different to the traditional turkey dinner.

Considering most of Theil’s students are not from the area, many students are traveling home, if the drive is not too far, to visit family for the short break and celebrate the holiday.

Taraneh French traveled home to Cleveland, Ohio to be with her family for the holidays. She will be able to visit with her siblings and family she has not seen lately.

Some students are traveling but their destination is not home. Sofia Kostoff, for example, left Friday for Naples Florida for a family vacation on the beach. Her family goes annually, and she is extremely excited for the restaurants.

“There is this one steak house we always go to that is amazing!” Exclaimed Kostoff when going through the details of her vacation plans.

Not all our students are escaping Greenville’s gloomy weather for beach fronts. Katelynn Auen said she does not have any thrilling adventures in the works but does have plans to go hunting with her family the day following Thanksgiving.

According to Auen, hunting with a gun is not her favorite choice but she will enjoy it until she can pull out her preferred bow. She was hoping for a buck.

Most students said they were spending their holiday break, it was a lot of the same answer. Most were either going home to their families or staying around campus to catch some extra sleep before the rush of the end of the semester.

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