The Five Best Local Dates for This Valentine’s Day

By Samantha Walker

Photo by pexels.com

With the season of romance around the corner, some may be struggling to find that special date for that special someone. While the quaint town of Greenville may not be as action packed as most, there is still a variety of local choices to create that perfect date.

  1. Located right on the main street, Padrone’s is the best traditional choice for a solid date. With a rustic aesthetic and a varying menu, it is a safe bet if you are looking for class. If above age, there is a bar on the bottom floor that does not usually draw a chaotic crowd.
  2. Maybe Padrone’s class is your idea but not a friend to your budget. Paxtons, located right across the street from Padrone’s, is the restaurant for the romantic date without the bill to match. With twenty-four-hour service and homecooked meals under five dollars it is the perfect date for a college student. A tip from the wise: bring cash. Paxtons does not accept card, but an ATM is available with the burden of extra transaction fees.
  3. If you are not looking for something so formal, try something more comfortable like Fresh Grounds. Though the food selection consists of biscotti and cookies, it is the perfect place for a more intimate date without the pressures of the traditional dinner. Pick a corner, get some warming coffee and treats, and test your competitive streak with the endless supply of boardgames. Maybe not the classiest Valentine’s date, but this holiday is more about spending the day together.
  4. While the weather may not be terrific, if you’re not worried about some mud, the nature trail at Riverside Park is a creative outdoor choice. Though it has sporadic benches and broken bridges, it is an easy-going adventure. Maybe bring some sandwiches and relax in the seclusion of the trees. The park closes at dusk (yes, the police check) so make sure to schedule this excursion as an afternoon date.
  5. For those looking for a little more adrenaline, try the Greenville – Jamestown bike trail. It is located at the base of West Main Hill, right beside the Shenango river, with an odd statue of a hiker and bicycles to signify the beginning. If you want the adventure of the nature trail without the mud, this paved trail leading to the neighboring town of Jamestown is the best choice.

For more local options for this romantic season, try some of these links:





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