Student Activities Fair

By: Carrie Severt

On September 5th, students where welcomed to the LHR to see the clubs and organizations that are offered on Thiel’s campus.

The organizations all had tables set up that advertised who they are as an organization and answered any questions that the students might have. This gave interested students time to interact with different people to see if they would want to be a part of these organizations.

Some of the organizations included, Greek Life, with a registration table for sorority recruitment, SGA, TCTV, WXTC, the Thielensian, Sailing Club, Outdoor Activities Club, OBC, The Alliance, the English Club, W.I.N.G. as well as St. Pauls which was looking for students interested in volunteering their time or possibly interning with them.

The activities fair was a great place for two new clubs on campus to be introduced, Tomcast and the Live Events Club. Both organizations are new to campus and seem to be a hit with many. The Tomcast is Thiel’s own podcast network where students and faculty can do a serious of podcasts that they are passionate about or anything they wish to speak about in general. The Live Events Club is an organization that plans and executes different events around campus that will benefit the students. The directors of these organizations are Natalija Kutlesa with the Tomcast and Delaney Merideth with the Live Events Club.

WXTC, Thiel’s student radio, was live during the event and let the area know what was going on at this event as well as gave special shout outs to the organizations at the activities fair.

With the activities fair wrapping up, the students where able to see that Thiel has more organizations other than Greek Life and gave them the opportunity to sign up to be a part of something.

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