Go Greek? Do’s and Don’ts of Greek Life

By: Devin Button

With the spring semester in full gear, and the upcoming rush season upon us in two weeks. It’s time to for the unaffiliated members of Greek life on Thiel college campus to ask themselves once again about the idea of going Greek! Here are a few short but meaningful suggestions a “Do’s or Don’ts” list of what to do if you find yourself rushing in any organization on campus.

DON’T – assume it’s like the movies.

This is not “Neighbors 2”. It’s not “Animal House”, and it’s certainly not any of those crazy sorority murder movies. Sure, “Scream Queens” is super entertaining, but all of that is glitz and glamour. It’s not “real” Greek life. Greek life is a group of men and women dedicated to not only better themselves, but their communities as well. They are all on a mission to thrive in the world, both personally and professionally. Sure, there are parties, I’ll give you that- but there’s more to wearing letters than sex and keg-stands.

DO – your research.

Get to know what’s out there! There are a lot of different Greek organizations that offer a lot of different things for their members. Each group has a different set of values, and its best to shop around and do a bit of googling before rush, and before you choose to commit. Make sure you know what questions to ask, and don’t ask questions that may jeopardize your ability to join something Greek.

DO – be open-minded.

Crucial. You may be gunning so hard to be a legacy, or just joining for your friends- but when you give yourself tunnel vision for just one group, you miss out on what the others have to offer! And if you go blindly, you may miss your true, Cinderella perfect fit. So, be open to learning as much about every other organization, what they stand for, and what they can do for you.

DON’T – Trash Other Organizations!

This kind of relates to the tunnel vision thing I mentioned earlier. No matter how much you may be gunning for one specific organization, talking down another one won’t make you look like an awesome rushee. In fact, it makes you look rude. Just because Greek organizations are separated by letters, doesn’t mean they don’t talk to each other. You never know who knows whom, and a bad rep in your first attempt isn’t a good look for anyone.

DO – be yourself and HAVE FUN!

The members of the organization want to get to know the REAL you. They want to see how you mesh with them as an organization- and if you put on a front, they’ll probably a) see right through it; b) label you as a fake or a try-hard; c) not give you a bid; or d) all of the above. It’s okay to be nervous and to fully be you. The whole point is to find a family that you’re comfortable with. You can’t do that with walls built up. So go ahead and jump right in.

At the end whether or not you decide to go Greek this spring semester. Take the time to understand that it really isn’t as bad as everyone says. Just understand that it is a large commitment and that you aren’t “paying for your friends” what the organizations on campus do for the community and for another goes well above anything you can wish to accomplish alone.

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