Tech Probability? The Onewheel

Image By: Tom’s Guide
By: Adam Button

With a new decade in full swing, the future of technology is coming ever so closer. With civilian transportation becoming smaller and more intuitive. The Onewheel is becoming a favored mode of transportation for those that live in urban settings. Kyle Doerksen, the CEO and Founder of Future Motion Inc., created this one-wheeled motorized vehicle to lessen the number of cars out on the streets.

Starting on Kickstarter, Future Motion Inc. has four iterations of the One Wheel with two of them only being sold today: the Onewheel XR and the Onewheel Pint. The specs of the Onewheel XR includes a range of 12-18 miles (which is the lower estimate), a top speed of 19 mph and weighs 27 lbs; with the Onewheel Pint having a range of 6-8 miles (also the lower estimate), a top speed of 16 mph and weighing 23 lbs. These small devices can be related to electric skateboards.

However, is the Onewheel XR or Pint worth it? There is no simple answer. The prices of the Onewheels are $1,800 and $950 (XR and Pint respectfully). For a Thiel college student, there are better expenses to pay then this form of transportation. But if a student bought this instead of bus-tickets or gas and insurance for a car, it would be worth it. This zippy little vehicle allows relatively fast transportation to different buildings on campus. While Pennsylvania is a hilly state compared to California the power in these devices is enough for an average students’ day on campus.

Other than costs, the Onewheel is intuitive. Riding it is compared to snowboarding or even skateboarding. So prior snowboarders can easily pick up a Onewheel. However, the skill ceiling for a Onewheel is not too high allowing anyone to eventually ride it.

Although the Onewheel is meant for an urban setting, it can go offroad as well on different trails and even grass. It is overall a positive step in personal transportation for the future.

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