First Presidential Debate of 2020: Part 1

By Josie Barton

Tuesday, September 29th was the first presidential debate of 2020. President Trump and former Vice President Biden went head to head on controversial topics, part one of this article covering the Coronavirus, the economy, and the Supreme Court.

Considering the Coronavirus pandemic, President Trump approached on the subject claiming that his administration reacted effectively and efficiently. He said he pushed for ventilators and masks during the outbreak. Trump stated that he acted fast to enable restricted travel from China to prevent further cases. He included that a vaccine will be available soon.

Former Vice President Biden argued that he addressed the Coronavirus by pushing for a national mask mandate and relying on scientific experts for case and death rate statistics. Biden accused Trump of downplaying the threat of the Coronavirus early on.

The mediator questioned both candidates about their plan for improving the economy. Trump said that the economy would significantly recover from the economic effects of the Coronavirus if he were reelected. Trump promised a low unemployment rate, a strong stock market, and a push for a tax cut for the middle class.

Biden referred to his “Build Back Better” initiation. In the act, he plans to invest in clean energy and increase spending on American-made goods. If elected, he plans to push for a tax increase in large corporations and high-income individuals.

Discussion of the Supreme Court raised significant questions for the candidates. President Trump pushed for seating Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court before the presidential election. Trump would be at an advantage since the Senate is republican-heavy.

Biden promised to nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court if he were elected in November. He called to wait until after the election to fill former associate justice of the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s position. Biden also mentioned his push for the Affordable Care Act.

Both candidates went head-to-head covering America’s most important issues of this time. Along with focus on the Coronavirus, the economy, and the Supreme Court, part two of this article will cover debate on race and violence in American cities, financial and political records, and the integrity of the coming election.

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