Art Gallery Review

By: Casandra Stolz

Students and faculty anticipate the opening of the Art gallery in the Howard Miller Student Center. An exhibit of art, pottery, and sculpture pieces crafted by this fall semester’s art class students are on display for our enjoyment.

Hanging along the walls in the gallery, are the student’s sketching and watercolor interpretations of flowers in a vase. Displayed on stands are works of pottery and the must-see white cardboard castles.

Student Cole Kusich demonstrates his talent using well-crafted shading and blending techniques. A blank piece of paper transforms to convey the intricacies of fowl hunting. Resting on a stand, two wild game calls sit next to a drake (male) mallard decoy. The counterfeit waterfowl wears an ornery expression, bringing to life the true look of a real waterfowl. Below the male is an elegant female. Her speckled wings turn into a refined, sophisticated neck and beak. Showing off her beauty, this is a drawing deserving of a frame.

Two watercolor paintings have unique attributes. Demonstrating the student’s diverse skills using the same materials. Student, Junho Choi, produced an eye-catching piece of artwork. Well-contrasted colors of the flowers and background give this a loud expression. Thick and heavy lines detail a bold vase on a soft, pastel background.

Emily Groves uses a total opposite approach. Her interpretation of the whole picture is the most elegant painting in the whole gallery.

If you have not checked out the gallery yet, it’s a must see. The students have flaunted their skills our professors have assisted in cultivating. A current art student elaborated on how well our professors provide instruction. Allowing even the not-so

inclined to make awesome art. To this student’s statement, I compared Thiel’s art classes to “Painting with Bob Ross: Thiel College Edition.”

I would like to thank all the people who put in extra effort to make the art gallery such an enjoyable space. There are very talented artists here, so continue to show them support. The rest of the student body would like to continue enjoying a slice of serene essence that is carved out right here on campus.

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