Thiel’s New Research Review

By: Samantha Walker

The Lectern is a new outlet for Thiel students to share their academic research and a hub for everything a student may need to know about research and presenting. Started just this year, the website is managed by a group of students with Dr. Farr as the faculty advisor.

Sponsored by the Dietrich Honors Institute and ran by an editorial board, this new database works as a center for research from all disciplines. It is not only for traditional research papers, but also poster and video presentations.

There is no specific topic or field that research must fall under to be included in The Lectern. Any student can submit work, there is no prerequisites for authors. The only requirement is that the author is a student at Thiel at the time of submission.

To have work published in the next issue of The Lectern, students must submit their work to the website ( by May 16, 2021.

When it comes to content, any research submitted should address a specific question or a larger audience. There is no minimum length requirement, but submissions should be no longer than 7,500 words.

The review process is done anonymously; therefore, it is recommended that submissions should have no name or advisor listed.

Outside of just being an outlet to publish research, The Lectern also works as a reliable source for tips about research and presentations. The Lecture also plans to include interviews from Professors on the expectations they have for students and tips on their personal research methods.

Dr. Farr will be teaching an online course in May, HONS 300: Undergraduate Research Journal, where the students will be producing the first edition of the Lectern.

Though the project is still in its infancy, The Lectern looks to be a promising resource for Thiel Students of all fields.

If there are any questions about how to get involved with The Lectern, students are welcome to email Dr. Farr (

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