Daniel Sloss “Jigsaw”

By Josie Barton

Daniel Sloss, a 30-year-old comedian, performed a popular show called “Jigsaw” in 2018. The performance was recently put on Netflix. Social media platforms, especially Tik Tok, are obsessed with his views on a sugar-coated idea of love.

Sloss begins his routine covering the harsh realities of thoughts versus spoken words, stating that “having evil thoughts does not make you a bad person, acting on them does.”

Sloss uses dark humor to deal with the death of his sister at a young age. He believes the use of dark humor is not used as a means to belittle victims, but to bring laughter or a small source of happiness to a moment that seems to lack it.

During his show, Sloss identifies the stigma around being single and the realities of relationships. Sloss says, “we have romanticized the idea of romance and it’s cancerous.” People glorify the idea of being in a relationship rather than the person they are in the relationship with.

Sloss’s routine continues with his final thoughts on people’s rush to the future, saying, “we have become so obsessed with starting the rest of our lives that we are willing to give up the one we are currently living.”

After his controversial show, Sloss tells the audience, “don’t pick what’s offensive based on whether it affects your life or not.” Many people like to pick and choose what they take as offensive versus what they like or find humorous.

Daniel Sloss’ routine affected hundreds of viewers. Since the release, Sloss’s routine caused 34 cancelled engagements, 42 divorces, and 7,400 breakups. Sloss encouraged people of all ages to question their decisions and actions, causing numerous breakups of unhealthy couples.

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