Trouble in the Townhouses

By: Anna Boyd

Partying and college to go hand in hand. Every weekend at a school big or small there is bound to be some type of large gathering. This is quite a huge deal on Thiel’s campus, because we are such a small school tucked into a rural area, so campus parties are everywhere.

The townhouses are the big party spot for Thiel campus. Every Friday and Saturday night there is usually a group of people hanging out in the quad of the houses. Sometimes these groups are small and just playing some rounds of cornhole, sometimes they are quite large, and you can’t make it through without pushing some people out of the way.

With parties comes drinking and on a college campus there is plenty of underage drinking. This has always been a big issue because, not only is it illegal, but it can also get you kicked off campus. This has brought up many issues on campus, especially after this past weekend.

Following the large party on Saturday the houses were trashed. There were bottles, glass, and cans everywhere. This is a very big hazard because of the broken glass that was spread across the lawns. This has not been an issue previously; however, the past two weekends glass has been everywhere along with other trash.

Public safety has since issued an announcement that if you are under the age of 21 and caught drinking you can be arrested, as well if you are over 21 and are giving alcohol to anyone underage. Public safety is allowed to enter anyone’s townhouse or room if they have probable cause to believe that underage drinking is happening.

Residence life also reached out to anyone living in a townhouse that if the mess wasn’t cleaned up everyone would be getting fined. They have also threatened to kick anyone who cannot abide by these rules out.

The townhouses are somewhere that can be a big hangout, however in moderation. Cleaning up after yourself should be a given. As a whole, anyone who lives in the townhouses needs to abide by the rules set in place but still a great place to hang out.

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