What does the Full Moon in Leo mean to You?

By: Samantha Jones

February’s full moon takes place in the royal palace of Leo. The 16th of February, the day it took place, may have felt like an ordinary day. However, this full moon takes a large effect on your energetic plane and will cause some discomfort until you learn the lesson the full moon is trying to bring about for the collective.

With the Sun in Aquarius and the full moon in Leo, your purpose is to take pride in your people, and yourself. A group of lions is called a pride, after all. Leo in full reminds you that despite your differences, your people are worth fighting for. Humanity is also key to this transit: if you know your value, there’s no need to prove yourself to others.

The main lesson trying to be taught is that in order to get to a prideful mindset, you must be prideful of your environment. If there are any inklings you have about someone or a situation you may be involved in, these feelings may be heightened. The universe’s objective with these negative feelings is not to bring down your mood, although it may feel this way. This is a purging/cleansing period. This is the time to finally end that friendship with that one toxic person, or finally, leave that one situation you’ve been holding onto too for too long. When the universe wants us to get rid of something, it is not to punish you. It may feel like so, however, whenever the universe wants us to remove a certain aspect of our lives it is because the energy of the situation is no longer serving you. As we ascend to higher levels of consciousness (the highest level being unconditional love) things that are keeping us from ascending, are usually removed. These people and situations are being taken away from you to help you grow as a person and to make room for experiences that are on your level of growth, not three steps backward.

For those who have already cleansed, this full moon in Leo may feel a little different. Those who are already prideful of their people and themselves may feel as their confidence levels have ascended, and the anxiety of life itself may have lowered. This is because you are in an environment that allows you to feel the overwhelming benefits of Leo’s full moon. Take these next few weeks to take pride in how far you have come since fall, or even how far you have come since Christmas break. Pat yourself on the back!

For those who are down about not feeling the positive aspects of Leo moon, don’t fret. You too will feel confidence and pride. You, in fact, should feel confident and prideful now, despite your situation. You survived after mercury was in retrograde, you’ll easily survive Leo’s moon. Unlike some of the other alignments, you will feel the benefits of the Leo moon. The discomfort you feel now is to get the fire under your feet to finally cut off loose ends to truly feel the confidence and pride this moon brings.

There are some ways to cleanse your environment during this full moon. Going through your phone and removing pictures, followers, and contracts that no longer serve you is a great start. Going through your living space and tidying up and reorganizing to make the space more useful to you also helps. Mental cleansing can easily be confined to one thing: boundaries. Work on making your boundaries healthier and the people who don’t respect them will grow distant. Keeping healthy boundaries helps keep healthy relationships. Overall, this is a great opportunity to create your own reality, so use this to create a happier life for yourself.

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