Epic Games Action in March

By: Isaiah Gorman

Epic Games is a company that makes video games and develops software, they have made games like Fortnite and software like unreal engine. In March of 2022, Epic Games put of the patch notes for Fortnite and just announced their acquisition of Bandcamp. Bandcamp is an internet music maker, where people can make music and post it to the site, other people can hear it and give feedback. The CEO of Bandcamp stated that Bandcamp will remain the same and will still help musicians but Epic Games will help with software things, like “album pages, mobile apps, merch tools, payment system, and search and discovery features” Epic Games already started to get into music in Fortnite. That’s right! In Fortnite they have already had “live” concerts, featuring artists like Ariana Grande and Travis Scott, with them acquiring Bandcamp maybe we can see more artists in concert in the game.

Speaking of Fortnite, the patch notes came out March 1st, and here’s what they did. Fortnite’s 19.40 update went live on March 1st, and they add Spiderman web slingers to the chest spawns instead of just having them in their normal location of the Spiderman backpack hanging on a wall, so there will be more Spiderman mythics in the game. It seems that epic games want more aerial fights because they unbolted the bouncers. “Impostors has received an upgrade when it comes to voice support, with Epic Games confirming today: “v19.40 enhances the Voice version of Impostors! The “Impostors (Voice)” playlist now uses proximity voice chat, meaning who you hear is based on who’s around your character. “As before, voice communication is split between players who are and aren’t eliminated while mixing both the Agents and Impostors together. Even though eliminated players can’t voice chat with non-eliminated players, they can still hear them to keep up with the drama. Players who prefer no voice communication can still select the “Impostors” playlist (which has Quick Chat enabled only).”” also for the replay system you are able to change the time of day, to change the time of day, select the camera settings, go to the clock icon, and then use the slider to choose the time of day you want. For competitive the change to the web slingers and bouncers are not in competitive mode. There were some bug issues that were fixed which are an issue involving outfits sometimes glowing with a bright blue “hologram” effect in the Lobby and the issue in which POI names would appear on the map only in English regardless of your selected language. This is what is going on with Epic Games this March.

Image Credit: Variety

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