By: Samantha DiBucci

Greenville, PA is quite well known for the ghost activity it holds. Any student on Thiel’s campus is aware of all the ghosts that are allegedly in each building. Every Greenville resident has seen ghost hunters go explore the Greenville Manor. Greenville has brought a new kind of visitor interested in ghosts recently though.

Atlanta filmmakers from Memory Wedge are putting on their finishing touches on a horror suspense film inspired by all the legends that come out of Mercer County. Better yet, the crew even came to Greenville and Jamestown to shoot part of the movie on location. They shot on Greenville’s main street, at Jamestown’s Mark Twain Manor, Thiel’s neighboring graveyard, Cianci’s Motel, and more. The movie will be titled “SpookT”. The crew of “SpookT” has been working on putting the movie together for over a little of a year now. The team just finished their principal photography and are now working on editing everything together in post.

“SpookT” is about a small town with quite a few interesting problems. There are rumors about a little girl that was said to go missing, and there are a few people on the hunt to go figure out the truth behind her story. Little do they know about what they will come across on the way and who they will have to team up with on the journey.

The director, Tony Reames, was raised in Greenville and graduated from Greenville High School in 1992. Reames has won fourteen awards in past for other movies and shorts he has shot. He is most well-known for working in “Playtime’s Over”, “Dead by Midnight”, and “V/H/S Viral”. One of his newer pieces “Lethalogica” has been making headlines, and he still is active in the music video industry in Atlanta.

When Reames co-wrote the script with Torey Haas, he pulled stories from his memories of living in Greenville to include into the script. Some characters are created because of his youthful memories. The movie also includes references to the Amish; seeing as they are a big part of the Mercer County community. The “SpookT” crew had the idea for the title from learning about the Dutch in PA. “Spookt” happens to be the Dutch spelling of the word, “spooked”.

Along with Reames using old memories to inspire the movie, he tried to get locals involved into the shooting of the movie. All the background shots done in Mercer County actually have real residents driving by doing their daily tasks. Reames also features students at Greenville in his movie as minor / supporting characters, features a Greenville graduates’ art, uses a local Greenville makeup artist for his actresses’ makeup duties, Greenville graduates in his shooting crew, and so forth. Reames goal was to make a modern suspense movie while also finding a way to support and show off his little, unknown hometown.

Though Reames wanted to have the movie heavily Greenville focused, he did bring on some experienced people to his acting crew. The most well-known actor is academy award and golden globe nominated Eric Roberts. He is the brother to Julia Roberts and is in his upper sixties. He is most well known for being in movies such as “Runaway Train”, “Best of the Best”, and “Dark Knight”.

“SpookT”’s other leading actresses are Erin Brown, who can be found in “Masters of Horror” and “Thrust”, Christen Sharice, that has been in “Respect” and “Law & Order”, and Haley Leary, who has been in “The Walking Dead” and “Nashville”.

The “SpookT” team is in their last stretch to finish the movie and have started fundraising towards getting better sound and music in the movie. The group has raised a little over five thousand dollars towards their goal of fifteen thousand, with twenty-six days left to go in their campaign. To learn more and to see their first trailer for “SpookT”, visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/spookt-featuring-erin-brown-and-eric-roberts#/ .

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