Category: Environmental

Why Spend Time Recycling?

By: Virginia Riddle Thiel students constantly pass recycling bins as they go to classes, clubs, and study sessions. Throwing recyclables into these containers is often encouraged, mainly due to the environmental perks. After all, the United States Environmental Protection Agency tells us that, “ Recycling just 10 plastic […]

Earth Day at Thiel

By Cassie Stolz The late morning celebrations were thought-provoking and full of laughter. Thursday, April 15 Thiel’s Environmental club celebrated earth day a week early to avoid overlapping with the research symposium. Visitors from Ernst Seeds came with delicious honey samples, monarch magnets, and their 2021 seed catalogs. […]

Vaping Ban

By Quinn Ursprung New York Sept. 17, 2019—The Empire State is planning to become the second state, after Michigan, to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. The decision became a pressing-matter after seven deaths from a vaping-related lung illness, as of September 2019. “The nation’s leading health agency […]