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Why Are Gamers Against NFTs?

By: Virginia Riddle On Thursday, February 3, GameStop officially confirmed its plans to start an NFT (non-fungible token) venture, effectively angering a large portion of the gaming community. NFTs are linked to several aspects of the digital community, easily allowing individuals to use them to buy and sell […]

New HIV Variant

By: Anna Boyd Friday February 4th: In light of the recent pandemic, we have learned that viruses can mutate, telling us about more potentially harmful variants. The way that the COVID-19 virus mutated is the same way that the HIV virus that causes AIDS has now mutated. The […]

New Covid Variant

By: Anna Boyd The COVID-19 Pandemic has been racing through the world since 2019. We have seen many cases arise in different areas while in other areas it has died down. COVID has not fully gone away since scientists discovered it. No matter how many precautions the CDC […]

COVID-19 Today 

By: Anna Boyd  COVID-19 is still affecting thousands of people daily. Since the vaccines have been out and approved, they have been authorized for emergency use. The CDC has since reported tens of millions first doses and people fully vaccinated.  The Pfizer vaccine was the first vaccine to be approved by the […]