College Student Attend Eighth Annual Dome Opener

By Taylor McKelvey

On Friday, Dec. 1 Thiel College hosted its annual dome opener. They invited the students, professors, and faculty of the college, as well as the members of the Greenville community.

There was an array of activities to participate in, such as; laser tag, a rock wall, an artist painting caricatures, bounce houses and a bouncy obstacle course, and so much more. Some people played corn hole, soccer, and football, in the open parts of the dome.

Freshman Kara Miller said that the dome opener was a “blast.” This was the first time that she got to participate in this event, but she said that she’ll likely return next year. She also said that her favorite thing was the laser tag.

“It really got my blood pumping even though my team lost,” Miller said.

Much like Miller, several students had overnight recruits staying with them. These recruits were staying to get to know Thiel College on a more personal level, and see what it is like from the students’ perspective. Miller’s recruit, Jamie, said that it was “very cool” that Thiel does this for their students.

Senior Camille Radford, who has attended the dome opener five times now, said that her favorite part of the evening was when the lights went out and she heard some momentary screaming. She said that once the room went dark the camera man continued taking pictures of people and his flash lit the dome up a dozen times. She said that this was “so exciting.”

For moments like these to happen on campus it takes both the students and faculty some hard work. On Tuesday Nov. 14, Thiel athletes and coaches spent eight hours building the dome.

Freshman Baily Hoover said it was “pretty cool seeing a bunch of Thiel students come together and help put up the dome.” Both Miller and Hoover said that they felt a sense of accomplishment when it was all finished, and more so when they arrived at the dome opener.

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