Thiel College Welcomes Back Students for Another Semester

By: Will Stines

January 30, 2023

Thiel College kicked off the new semester with excitement and anticipation as students reflected on their past experiences and set new goals for the semester. Several students were interviewed to hear about their plans for the semester and their favorite memories since returning to campus.

Christina Newman, a returning sophomore and WXTC executive, has been busy with band, and choir, and working to get Tomcast up and running. Her goals for the semester include improving her social media skills for show scheduling at, Thiel’s radio station, WXTC. Outside of academics, she is looking forward to shadowing a D&D campaign and hanging out with friends. Her favorite memory since the start of the semester was opening secret Santa gifts on campus.

Freshman Emma Cannata is looking forward to getting good grades and making memorable experiences this semester. She is involved in TCTV and Pedas fellows for academics but also hopes to explore Greenville and the surrounding area for fun. Her favorite memory thus far is getting a feel for her classes and making friends.

Kinsey Lowers, a junior and Thiel player, is also the station manager of WXTC. They aim to motivate themselves this semester. Lowers responds to the winter break by saying “I’m glad to be back since I find that Christmas break seems to stretch really long… I get very bored towards the end”.

Jason Jewett, a returning sophomore studying media and journalism, has set his sights on becoming the production director. He also hopes to represent Thiel at the IBS award ceremony in New York as a semi-finalist for the legal ID intervallic broadcast system. Jewett is working with TCTV on a project called War Torn Brides, which started as an assignment in announcing class and took off when he took a script writing class.

Danielle Sterling, a senior biology major, has a single goal for the semester: to graduate with good grades. Amy Jackson, also a senior, was majoring in business management and communications and said she aims to “graduate May 7th”. She is involved in various clubs, including Active Minds, photography, and Coaster Club. Her favorite memory of the semester is being awarded a scholarship when she returned from winter break.

Sophomore Patrick Broe, who is studying business management with a sports management minor, has several goals for the semester, including striving for all A’s and making the Dean’s list, as well as achieving fitness goals by losing five pounds and lifting more than last semester. His favorite memory since returning to Thiel was the snowfall. He is also a member of the Coaster club and Tomcast.

With these inspiring goals and memorable experiences, Thiel College students are ready to tackle the new semester with energy and enthusiasm.

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