Students “Stress Less” with Massages

By Taylor McKelvey

“Every year, before final, I go and receive a free chair massage,” said Thiel College senior Camille Radford.

Tuesday Dec. 12, was Thiel College’s study day. A day for students to prepare for their finals and relax. Thiel attempted to help student relax by providing a massage therapist that afternoon. The therapist stayed for three hours at the Bistro in the student center.

Senior Crystal Durachko said that “the massages were not super extensive” but they helped her relax.

This is the fifth year that this therapist has been working with the college. She comes every year during the “Stress Less Event” that is hosted by Thiel. Recently, she has even been coming during mid-terms. Radford said, “having her here during mid-terms was also a great help.”

Both Radford and Durachko said the talking during the massages makes the experience better for them and the therapist. Radford said that the therapist was very open and honest about the nature of her training, and how she loved her career, and this information helped Radford relax during the massage.

She also brings all the tools she will need to assist her for the sessions. The majority of these help her work through students’ shirts to give the sessions right in the Bistro, which is generally a busy place.

She was busy during the first hour. Each massage lasted around 10 minutes and she had a line of four people by the end of the first hour. Students were coming and going constantly for the first hour.

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