Thiel Fraternities Throw Pro Bowl Recruitment Event

By Bobby Winner

Thiel’s director of Greek Life and Student Activities Than Oo and the campus’ Inter-Fraternal Council held a recruitment event in the HMSC game room centered around the NFL’s Pro Bowl event on Jan. 28.

The event was a success, drawing in students from all four of the campus’ fraternities as well as many prospective new members looking to join.  The event consisted of watching the Pro Bowl game with pizza and soda, as well as playing games of ping pong, foosball, and pool.

The event was very well promoted around campus, leading to a high number of attendees.  This event played as well as it did because of a general interest in Greek life among the students, as well as an interest in football and free pizza.

“This event was a great success, many more people showed up than anyone expected,” said sophomore member of Kappa Sigma, Elijah Sklack.  “Everyone that was there had a good time and enjoyed a good game of football and the friendly atmosphere.”

Sklack continued, “it was a good experience with good food and some good times playing the different games.  It was a great way for the fraternities to interact with each other and the general public.  I’m not really that big of a football fan, but I decided that this event was a good thing to attend simply because new members are what keeps the fraternity alive and well and I’d like to get to meet them and introduce them to the wonders of Greek life.”

“This event was a great way for us to meet new guys that want to join our fraternity, as well as guys that join the other organizations,” says junior member of Sigma Phi Epsilon, Josh “Kevin” Evjene.  “The game was good and the displays set up by all four fraternities were very informative, showing these prospective recruits the positives of Greek Life in general and what we all contribute to campus and the community.  No matter which organization these guys end up joining, they’ll be in a good home and be good friends to us.”

“This event was a resounding success,” said Oo.  “I planned this event to get the fraternities to each interact with each other and to hopefully meet some new guys who would want to join their organizations, and I would say that it went over well, especially the free pizza and soda.”

“Sometimes fraternities can be the victims of bad press which leads to low public opinion of Greek life and this event was an attempt at counteracting that, as are most events and activities we hold.  Fraternities play an important part in our society that many people don’t realize, and they can lead to lifelong bonds and connections to help our students strive in their post-collegiate years,” Oo said.  “Fraternities can and have lead many students towards jobs post-graduation, the purpose of this event was to help show our students thinking about rushing the benefits that Greek life offers.”

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