Thiel Students Are Inducted Into The Tri-Beta Honors Society

by Brian L Brink

“I wasn’t sure if I would make the requirements for induction,” said junior Angela Lipani when talking about the Tri-Beta Biology Honors Society Induction Ceremony.

Lipani was one of six new full members to be inducted into the Kappa chapter of Beta Beta Beta at Thiel College on Thursday, Feb. 22.

The ceremony also saw three members promoted from associate member to full and six new associate members inducted.

The other five people to be inducted as full members were; Samantha Kurchena, Ashley Prout, Hannah Rossman, Dante Vaniel, and Jamie Wolf. The three promoted members were; Katie Altman, Thomas Fisher, and Jessica Orczeck. The six new associate members were; Jensen Bucci Shyann Foreman, Mark Kopinski, Amanda Mafrici, Miranda, Reesman, and Victoria Villano.

“I’m very proud of all of our, both current and newly inducted, members,” said Christopher Fonner, department chair of the biology department, professor of biology, and academic advisor of the Kappa chapter of Beta Beta Beta. He went on to say, “I’m honored to be their advisor and I hope they have a lot of fun serving this organization.”

During the ceremony the Tri-Beta pledge was spoken before each of the new and promoted members were presented with a key and coat of arms of the society. Fonner, who presided over the event, stated that the society stood for scholarship, research, and dissemination of information within the biological sciences. He also explained that the green and red in the coat of arms stood for zoology and botonny, respectively.

After receiving their key and coat of arms the inductees signed their name into the membership book before going back to their tables to clap for the rest. When all of them were back at the tables Fonner called tables up to get food.

Throughout the event Fonner and others would comment about and make light of the size of the event. Between the inductees and everyone else, there was about 30 people in total, making it a “small, intimate setting” in Thiel’s new science connector.

Kopinski, new associate member, said, “being a part of this organization shows you’re working hard and it looks great on a resume.”

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