Thiel College Welcomes Freshman and Returning Students

By Brian Brink

Between Aug. 24 and 26 Thiel hosted Welcome Weekend for all incoming freshman and welcomed back returning students.

Aug. 24 kicked the weekend off with all new freshman moving onto campus and saying goodbye to their parents. The day was hectic, but the staff did their jobs well and kept everything running on schedule.

During this busy time there were organizations set up throughout the freshman quad. Among them were WXTC, the radio station, and all the Greek organizations. Most had almost nobody stop to talk to them.

Most freshman said that they were too busy moving in to talk but expressed their excitement to start this new chapter in their lives.

Thiel held activities throughout the weekend, including a hypnosis show Friday night, and tailgate before the soccer game on Saturday, and a trip to Waldameer amusement park on Sunday.

The tailgate party happened in the parking lot beside the football field and was catered by AVI Foodsystems, INC. During the party members of the WXTC staff played music for the students to listen to while they ate.

“It went well. It was a great way for the freshman to end the weekend and make new friendships,” Than Oo, Director of Student Activities and Involvement, said about the Waldameer trip.

Sunday was also move-in day for the upperclassmen. However, many of them moved in early because of their involvement in activities on campus.

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