President’s Poppin’ Porch Party

By Carrie Severt

Photo by Allen Morrill

First year students gathered at Dr. Susan Traverso’s home, August 28th, for the annual President Porch Party.

Dr. Susan Traverso, President of Thiel College, greeted the guest with a smile and handshake. She started of the evening by welcoming the students and faculty. She discussed how Thiel is a small school and the positive benefits it provides to its students.

“Thiel is a small school and it provides that one on one connection,” She stated. The president stressed the opportunities to meet with the faculty and get to know them. She discussed her open-door policy and encouraged students to stop by.

She provided the students and faculty with ice cream and other sweet treats.

The night ended with a thank you to the students, faculty and peer mentors that showed up to her party. She offered treats for the students to take back with them and wished them all good luck with their first semester at Thiel.

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