1990s Fashion Resurge

By: McKenzie Morrison

Grab your denim and your butterfly hair clips because the ’90s called and they’re coming back. You may not have known of some of the returning items were a ’90s trend. Between your fall denim overalls and flannels to your summertime slip dresses, ‘90s fashion is probably in your closet. Many of the popular trends that are coming back include the iconic cropped shirt. The cropped shirt is a fan favorite in today’s world. Pair it with some cute jeans or leggings and you have an adorable ’90s outfit. Something that seems to be a hot trend that many people are starting to wear again would be a corset top. People wear this item with a dress or even over a simple tank top.

Some Thiel students have a lot to say about the 90s and the fashion trends that are making a comeback. First up for a female opinion we have Samantha DiBucci ‘23 she says “90s fashion is fine. I mean any fashion is wonderful as long as you are comfortable in it. I only have one exception to that statement though. If your colors don’t match, don’t wear them. So many people mismatch clothes and call it style-get your eyes checked out. You’re not quirky! But hey, it’s most important what you like though. So yeah, 90’s fashion is very cool. Better than the ’80s”. Next up for a male opinion we have Isaiah Gorman’ 23 he says “90s fashion is like jean jackets and a lot of jean-type things. Or you just think of your old school high school clothing that’s 90’s fashion. Also, 90’s fashion has a lot of baggy clothes and if they weren’t baggy, they were skin tight but each style was fitting for the person who wore it.” Both students were ’90s babies and said looking back at their old photos when they were babies it wasn’t hard to tell the style is for sure making a comeback.

Now that you have heard from some Thiel students a poll was made for different questions about the ‘90s and the fashion for different people of ages to answer. The first question was “Do you love 90’s fashion” 77% of people said yes, they love ‘90s fashion while 23% said no they didn’t care for ‘90s fashion. The next question was “Are you a ‘90s baby” 83% of the people said no they were not born in the ’90s and only 17% are ‘90s babies. The next question was open-ended so people could really put down how they feel about the ‘90s. The question asked was how you feel about ‘90s fashion. One lady said, “It was a cool era, I would have loved to love in the ’90s. The colors were bright, and it seemed like a fun time”. The next response was very similar. They said “90s fashion was super colorful and had its own aesthetic to it.” Another response said “I only appreciate and like it, I don’t think I would really wear it. But I love how people style it and how it is making a comeback. I wish more eras would have fashion comebacks.” The final question that was asked was “What’s your favorite 90’s fashion item”. A lot of people said overalls, cropped tops, denim, and bomber jackets.

The ‘90s were a colorful and amazing era that many people want to go back and enjoy. Many people hope that not only fashion comes back but the food and entertainment of being a ‘90s baby. Hope you enjoyed getting out your denim and rocking your overalls with your striped shirts.

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