Thiel Arts and Scholarship Day

By John Ganiear

Photo By Brian Brink

Thiel college celebrated the arts and academic rigor of students on April 11. The participants that presented to the listeners were media, art, education, and other science majors.

In The James Pedas Communication Center’s Stamm Lecture Hall, Students from a science background started presentations early Thursday morning. The Thiel Administration gave the day off for students so that they could come and learn what is being researched by their peers.

One such research student was Natalija Kutlesa, a Media Journalism Major here at thiel stated in an interview, “ The Thiel Research Day was a terrific experience for me! This was the first year that it was held during the week so more students could come. I felt that helped me because not only was I presenting in front of my peers, but also my professors. This made it much more easy on my nerves. I also really enjoyed the poster presentations that were being held in the Howard Miller Student Center because this gave the chance for people to have a direct one-on-one with presenters. The Media Representation here on research day is also amazing! This day was a great outlet for our students to shine and present our research and hard work and also make a presence!”

Thiel Faculty and Staff had the chance to take the day off from teaching to be taught by their students in their specific field! These professors along with students sat in on presentation that ran from 8 AM until 4 PM . All professors asked students very intelligent questions to obtain even more information about topics!

For more information about Thiel’s scholarship day, all of the wonderful events that took place, and Thiel college, you can find the link right here.

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