Paige’s Battle With MS

By Paul Sivie

Photo By Thiel Athletics

Paige Scherer is a senior education major and a captain for the women’s lacrosse team. In the past year Paige been diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) but it has not kept her off the field.

MS, also known as Multiple Sclerosis, is a chronic progressive disease that damages the never cells in one’s brain and spine. This can affect motor skills such as walking, talking, seeing, and speaking. In pages chase her MS affects her sight.

Paige stated this about her first experience with M.S. “I woke up one day with pain in my right eye and I started to lose my vision. I was blind in my eye for about four months. I was lucky when my sight eventually returned because for some people it won’t come back.”

During this time Paige visited doctors and specialists. After a few test they concluded that Paige has MS

Paige’s MS has not stopped her from succeeding on the lacrosse field, as she continues to play a sport she loves. Page has had a fantastic lacrosse year so far as she is on pace to break her personal season point record. She leads the team in points with 67, and looks to lead her team to the playoffs for the first time in four years.

Off the field, Paige started a fund raising and awareness team for MS for the 2019 spring semester. Since January she has raised over 6,800 dollars. Her original goal of 1,000 dollars was easily completed as she personally raised 2,000 dollars of the total.

On April 14 Paige and her team consisting 85 people participated in “Walk MS.” The goal of the walk is to bring together a community people, awareness, and funding for MS. The event brought together more than 3,000 people to walk the 1 mile, and 3 miles routes t point park, Pittsburgh.

Paige had this to say about the event “I’m really excited to meet new people because I don’t know anyone else with MS.”

There is no cure for MS, and new treatments are still in testing with mixed results. The money raised at this event was donated to researchers in hope a cure can be found.

Page continues to battel with her MS and had this to say about her situation “I never thought about the things I wouldn’t be able to do because of MS. Like continue to play lacrosse or walk in in an event like walk MS. Though I don’t always feel physically strong this experience has made me mentally stronger.”

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