Is Thiel’s Campus Too Dark?

By Natalija Kutlesa

Greenville, Pa- Thiel Campus is known for its beautiful scenery. However, at night, the campus is also known as being poorly lit.

According to commuter student, Emily Baker, “I believe the campus is well lit in some places. I usually feel safe walking around campus, but I feel like there could be more lighting especially down campus and towards the Passavant parking lot. Sometimes when I have to park there, especially as a commuter, I just don’t feel completely safe walking that distance by myself.”

The main areas on campus that are mainly complained about are the gym parking/hill, in front of Greenville Hall and the HMSC. Though many students voice concerns there are many students who feel the campus is properly lit.

“I believe campus lighting is very well during the night, especially being someone who likes to walk around at night,” said Adam Button, a sophomore and campus resident.

According to campus police officers, Chief Dennis Bish and Captain Tom Jones, the students have not complained about any safety concerns regarding the lights. Both officers agree in their long service to the community Thiel College has a very safe campus. The only complaint was about Brother Martin’s Walk and the issue was resolved immediately. However, if students do have concerns Chief Bish says, “Please let us know we can resolve the issue. Our first and foremost concern is to sure make sure the students feel safe.” If any students have any safety concerns or do not feel safe please contact Chief of Police Bish at dbish@thiel.edu or his office number (724)-589-2186. If you need immediate help please contact campus police using the number of (724)-589-2222. There is a police officer on duty 24-7 who will check out the area and escort you to your car.

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