What College is like as a Freshman During Covid-19

By Josie Barton

The decision to attend college as a freshman in 2020 and to pay for an expensive education bares many risks. Although America is facing one of the most socially controversial years, my personal experience has been great so far, and I am satisfied I chose to attend college.

This year, students made the spontaneous decision to either attend college or take a year off. Colleges had trouble tending to student questions on Covid-19 regulations and decisions. Thiel offers resources and aid to its students, especially upcoming and tentative freshmen. I was hesitant on how useful my college experience would turn out with numerous restrictions put into place.

Sports was also a big decision I, and more than half of all students at Thiel had to make. Many students awaited information on Thiel athletics and what the school could offer. For a majority of Thiel’s sports teams, conference games are the only games athletes can compete in. This allows students the ability to play on a sport team, and in result, more students chose to attend Thiel.

Online learning experienced a significant increase in use. Covid-19 restrictions caused many in-person classes to resort to online lessons. Thiel is among only a few schools still participating in in-person classes. Aside from minor social restrictions, in-person classes offer better resources and attention than online learning.

Although somewhat irritating, the Covid-19 restrictions put into place have benefitted my social experience. The regulations of six feet between students prevents close contact with people I have no desire to expose myself to. The use of masks may be a pain in the summer heat, but in my opinion, masks serve as a shield to social anxiety and unease.

As a freshman at Thiel in the year 2020, I was not able to receive the full “college experience.” Although as an independent student, the inconveniences have not dramatically disrupted my education. the experience is worth the irritation of this pandemic.

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